Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maha Bhanda: Three Bhandas in one


The Bhandas do you remember or shutdowns of those that we speak it does a weather? Very well, if good your memory is habrás retained that three exist bhandas: Mule, Uddiyana and Jalandhara. The first one for the rectum, the second one for the diaphragm and the third one for the gullet.

Nevertheless, another alternative exists beyond these three: Maha Bhanda, which simply consists of closing simultaneously three bhandas of the body. The Big Key or Lock allows to contract many muscles simultaneously, upgrading the rejuvenation of the glands and the nerves, in addition to regulating the blood pressure.

On having agglutinated three bhandas in only one, Maha Bhanda gathers the particular benefits of every bhanda, to which they join the stimulus of psychic energy along the organism and your contribution to our body so that one relaxes if we want to carry out a meditation.

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