Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chlorophyll and bad breath

Curiously we speak two times in the same week of the chlorophyll. The fact is that this substance, as one has seen has an anti-carcinogenic potential, and now one emphasizes it like a natural product for the bad breath.

Sometimes, for more toothbrush that you apply and although your mouth hygiene is ideal, the bad breath is present. In fact, this one not always is caused by the bacteria of your mouth, but by the activity of your digestive system, to which you do not reach with your toothbrush, obviously. The chlorophyll can be an answer to be considered in cases of that you could not fight.

The chlorophyll acts like a big toxins cleaner. On having consumed wheat, alfalfa or barley to fight the halitosis, we are making use of the high place contained in chlorophyll of these plants. The content in magnesium of the chlorophyll is the manager of it, and the first reason of why the chlorophyll fights the bad breath.

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