Saturday, October 24, 2009

YogaBeans: Yoga with humor


*Advertencia: this is not serious, but it costs it her ask *

Normally we usually speak about yoga like a discipline directed to upgrade the self-knowledge, the knowledge, and the health in all the aspects (physical, mental and social). Your applications are diverse, and the branches of the yoga also are multiple. Today, nevertheless, we will leave the spirits tone aside the yoga takes with a little of humor.

Done the warning of above, I can begin. And yes, YogaBeans is not serious, but not for it it gets out from being present in OtraMedicina. It is processed as a blog in which some asanas are represented taking as models personages like Batman, Hi-Man, Spiderman or Barbie, demonstrating asanas of Ashtanga Yoga. Fiancé: you will laugh the whole weekend.

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