Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Properties of the Sweet clover


The Sweet clover is a plant to which also Garage or Fragrant Trefoil one knows it with the names of Plant. It usually measures half a meter, and your sheets with three divisions accompanied by the classic yellow flowers in the shape of butterfly that bloom in spring, they are typical of the plant.

The medicinal application of the sweet clover is known in medicine herbal, since this medicinal plant possesses diverse medicinal properties with long application tradition. The plant must consume dry season, since otherwise, if fresh air is consumed there exists the risk that in the plant there develop anticoagulants that can harm the health.

Your high place is typical of the sweet clover contained in flavonoides. This grants him to the plant a magnificent potential diuretic, that accompanied by your sedative action and espasmolítica it is capable of being applied in several cases. Edemas, nervousness or insomnia can be processed by sweet clover.

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