Thursday, October 22, 2009

Properties of the hawthorn


The hawthorn is a native plant of the moderate regions of Europe, North America and Asia. One knows científicamente like Cratageus oxycantha, and it is a shrub with stems of gray crust and sheets with rounded rims. The plant contains numerous benefits for the health, which we revise today.

The properties of the hawthorn are multiple, but undoubtedly the tradition and the popular medicinal use of the plant has emphasized for on the others your application for the cardiovascular health. It is all the benefits of the hawthorn this one the most important, and in cases of individuals with blood low pressure your application turns out to be ideal.

Also, the hawthorn reduces the fatigue and the arteriosclerosis array in the arteries. With the above mentioned, the hawthorn does that the blood flows more freely for our veins reaching all the corners of our body.

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