Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Electrotherapy applications


From the XVIIIth century that the electricity uses beyond the energy intentions from which we know it. The medicinal use of the electricity takes the name of electrotherapy, and is processed as an alternative therapy developed on the base of Johann Gottlob, who in the XVIIIth century suggested that the electrical waves generate benefits for the organism.

Throughout the years, the skills of application of the electricity on him human body have been perfected, and today we are provided with the electrotherapy, an alternative therapy that the sanación of the organism consists of searching basically from the stimulation with electricity.

Several scientific articles have demonstrated the potential sanador of the electric current, which acts on several parts of the organism causing well-being. This way, the electrotherapy is highly effective to process the joints, the muscles, the sinews and some influenced cells of the organism positively for the electricity.

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