Friday, October 16, 2009

Olive oil to prepare the Alzheimer's disease?


What is known about Alzheimer's disease in terms of natural medicine? Very well, there have been different the products that lately have been catalogued like potential preventive agents of the evil of Alzheimer's disease. Between them we count the curry, the peppers, the celery, the ginkgo biwolf and the grapes, between others.

In this occasion we add one to the list, the olive oil, which thanks to a recent investigation has demonstrated to have preventive properties against the Alzheime r, in a preliminary investigation that concentrates on your direct action on the functioning of the neurons.

There exist certain proteins that represent a danger in the relative thing to the Alzheimer's disease. These proteins are known as ADDL. And there are poisonous substances that they interfere with the nervous cells, generating loss of memory and affecting the cerebral functioning. Nevertheless, in the olive oil the investigators have discovered a compound that might prepare this.

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