Friday, October 23, 2009

Yoga and Hypnosis: A bent perfect one


The concentration, the good sleep, the relaxation, the good humor, the interior peace and other countless benefits are those that the yoga can give us. The millennial practice is in narrow contact with these wonderful mental states, and complemented by associate therapies he makes to benefit us only even more.

The hypnosis, meanwhile I walk towards the subconscious can be a magnificent complement for the yoga. Your application will allow us to contact our interior being, achieving an impossible spiritual communication to reach in the conscious state with itself, and being induced by another person or like autohypnosis, it can be an excellent complement for the yoga.

To merge the hypnosis with the yoga practice will allow us to avoid the distractions that happen in our mind when we are not sufficiently concentrated as to practise yoga of integral form.

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