Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cool Roller: new tool for massages


Cool Roller is a new device for child massages overland. This way they count it in lacasadelfisio. It is a masajeador indicated for all kinds of massages: trigger points, circulatory massages, massages fascias, sports, anti celulíticos, etc.

This masajeador is of easy use and he produces immediate relaxation. It is ergonomic and he adapts himself to the whole body: the cervical ones, the lumbar ones, the legs, the glúteos, etc.

The orange gel of Cool Roller has been developed specially for this msajeador. It does not cool the hands of the therapist or of the person who applies it, but yes it refreshes the person who receives the massage. It is processed as an agreeable cold with relaxing effects.

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