Monday, October 19, 2009

Treating the cancer with …: sheets?


The chlorophyll is the natural substance entrusted to provide the green color that the sheets have. The substance has been analyzed in diverse occasions, and your properties are well-known; in this occasion we speak exactly about one of them: your potential to fight the colon cancer.

A recent study has investigated the clorofilina, a present compound in the chlorophyll to which a negative action has collaborated on the carcinogenic cells, which would allow to reduce the harmful potential of the same ones and the spread of the illness.

Specifically as regards the colon cancer, the investigators have discovered that the clorofilina operates on the phase of duplication of ADN of the cells infected by the illness, duplicating the weather that takes them to the same ones to reproduce and allowing to reduce the potential of spread of the cancer of colon.

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