Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To improve the position with the skill Alexander


Ready attention to how do you sit down. Do you feel weight in your shoulder blades? The fallen shoulders? Does it curl one too much pronounced in your column? Pains in the sacred one? All of them are warning of that you have a bad position, and before this one turns habit it is necessary to take measures.

For weather the skill Alexander one comes posicionando like one of the most beneficial alternative therapies to improve the position and to fight the backache. It is processed as a simple practice that concentrates in realizing certain activities this way to correct the position and to be accustomed to our body to being located of correct form.

With every hour that we spend many opposite to the computer, the physical works of load that do that we raise weight not always of suitable form or the such defects of birth like the scoliosis, it is important to consider the skill Alexander to improve our position.

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