Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visualization for the stomachache


In several occasions we have had the opportunity to comment on some of the benefits of the visualization. Without going further, recently a new study highlighted it like a useful tool to grow thin; now we happen to speak about infantile health, specifically on the stomachache in children.

The visualization is a simple skill that consists of imagining only to one himself in a situation of peace and relaxation, and it is an alternative skill within reach of all. In case of the children, the visualization can be an effective solution if they endure stomachaches, as he has emphasized a new investigation.

The study worked with 34 children of between six and fifteen years of age, all diagnosed with functional abdominal pain, which does not assume to specific and concrete causes. For eight weeks some of them took part in a visualization treatment, while the rest continued the proper treatment of the conventional medicine.

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