Tuesday, November 3, 2009

History of the Yoga

Along the history of the yoga, the prácticaha gone expanding along the world and being set in diverse cultures. Clearly, as in any process of change and expansion, the yoga has been incorporating influences that they have gone - modified in some cases and preserved in another - your fundamental beginning.

Along this historical process, it is easy to perceive three stages in the development of the yoga. The three take the names of Classic Period, Period Posclásico and Modern Period. We invite to know the history of the yoga in this post, this way to know a little more on the historical context of this dear discipline.

The Classic Period of the yoga happens from the second century of our age, and reaches your biggest declaration thanks to Patanjali, compiler of the Sutras, the most important collection of the practice of the yoga. In the traditional yoga the practice is understood like the epicenter of the metaphysics and of the meditation, and an accentuation exists in the mental aspects, body and soul than in the individual himself. The mentality underlying Buddhist is clear.

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