Friday, November 6, 2009

Copaiba for the venereal diseases


A big knowledge heap that the medicine herbalist applies today we owe them to the native shamans of the American continent, who with your medicinal knowledge could treat a big illnesses quantity. Between they were finding the sexually transmitted diseases, and for it they were using the tree copaiba.

Growing in the basins of the Amazon and of the Orinoco, many species of trees of the genre of copaiba constiuyen a magnificent font of natural priests for the venereal diseases. The substance obtained by the distillation of your resin, the oil of stick or balsam of copaiba, has the secret of your efficacy.

This resin contains essential oil and a resin in which the acid is present copaíbico, which acts like anfiinflamatorio and antiseptic of the genital and urinal mucous membranes. There are great the venereal diseases that can be treated by him, as for ejempo the masculine and feminine gonococia, the blenorragia or the inflammations of all kinds.

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