Saturday, November 28, 2009

Medicine Ortomolecular: vitamin B1 and B2


Do they remember that not long ago we speak about the “Medicine Ortomelcular”? I assume that they read the article and they already know of what it is a question. That's why I do not have to tell them anything.

They already know that the concept was invented by the doctor Linus Pauling (twice winner of the Nobel Prize) and that this alternative medicine consists of providing a correct complementary nutrition, to achieve an ideal concentration of the present substances in the human organism.

They already know everything … that's why I cannot repeat myself. Today I will speak about another thing. I will speak about these substances that provide a good nutritional balance and hence health. I will speak about the vitamins, the minerals, the proteins, the amino acids and the greasy acids. At least I will begin to do it.

(I resided …)

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