Thursday, November 19, 2009

Biofeedback: When and how does it work?


The Biofeedback we know also under the name of Biofeedback, and although it should be difficult to pronounce, the therapy has gaining popularity from the sixties. His basic budgets we have already commented on them in some occasion, but let's go deep a little into them, emphasizing the properties of the Biofeedback and his most common applications.

Basically the Biofeedback is an alternative therapy that consists of learning to control the vital impulses that our organism realizes of unconscious form. These are the respiration, the blood pressure or beating of the heart, and to do this treatment it uses of electronic devices that facilitate the task.

Being a relatively new field, the applications of the Biofeedback are multiple, and the therapy allows to treat an illnesses sinnúmero. We share next a list of illnesses that can talk each other with this discipline, then to realize some comments more on this matter.

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