Saturday, November 21, 2009

The cuencoterapia


The cuencoterapia is an alternative therapy, like many others. It forms one more of looking for the balance between the body, the mind and the spirit. This therapy was used thousands of years ago in the oriental cultures, with therapeutic ends and of meditation. And presently it has been recaptured, exactly for the same.

The cuencoterapia uses bowls to realize a sonorous massage. There are two types of bowls: those of quartz (realized in quartz crystal) and the Tibetan ones (realized in with an alloy of several metals).

The basic beginning of this therapy, is that the bowls express a wave model equal alpha to the wave expressed by the brain in the state of meditation and deep calmness. When we are in this state, the lymphocytes production increases T (responsible for the immune system). Presently, it has been proved - for the resonance beginning - that these frequencies can be altered by the transmission of other frequencies. That's why the sound is a therapeutic process.

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