Sunday, November 8, 2009

The curry can kill the cancer


lately the curry has been an investigation object often due to the properties that have been attributed to him. The curry is known for having components that allow to treat such illnesses like the arthritis or the diabetes, and more recently properties have assumed to him to prepare the Alzheimer's disease. Now the cancer joins to the list.

Yesterday just we were speaking about the acupuncture and about the chrysanthemum to fight the cancer, and we continue monotonous during the week since investigators of the Research center of the Cancer of Cork have discovered that the compounds of the curry allow to fight the gullet cancer, specifically the curcumina.

Doctor Sharon McKenna and his team studied the behavior of carcinogenic cells before gesticulating of the curcumina, observing that once this one was bringing in in action the cells affected by the illness were eliminated themselves, and the immune system began to kill the remaining ones.

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