Friday, November 20, 2009

The magnetic therapy does not eliminate the pain of the arthritis


The magnetic therapy cannot conquer the pain caused by the arthritis. This way it titles altmedicine one of his articles. And the fact is that it does a recent study he has verified it: to use a magnetic bracelet does not remove the pain.

The magnetic bracelets are one of the forms in which the magnetic therapy is applied. This is a variant of the alternative medicine, based on the following theory: the magnetic fields can promote the healing when they are administered of direct form in the body.

For this study, the investigators recruited 45 persons (of 50 or more years) that were suffering osteoartritis. For 16 weeks every participant took four devices in random form: two wristbands at different level of magnetism, a thong of doll desmagnetizarte, and a copper bracelet.

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  1. My problem with magnetic therapies is the lack of understanding of how humans perceive magnetic fields. It's not just my problem--most scientists dismiss these treatments because they don't understand how they work.

    Magnetoreception is the process by which animals (and possibly humans) perceive the Earth's magnetic field. I've been researching what I believe to be my own magnetoreceptive abilities since late 2007. I've come to the conclusion that my psychiatric disorder (OCD + tics) allows me to perceive whether I'm north or south of (magnetic) home. Check out my website for more information: