Thursday, November 12, 2009

It protects to your cardiovascular system with green tea


A little more on the green tea. With benefits associated with almost all the parts of our organism, the green tea it adds still more points thanks to a group of Japanese investigators, who have confirmed that the green tea has important cardiovascular benefits.

And since we speak about Japanese scientists, we go to Japan, specifically to Shizuoka, where this team of the University Okayama directed by Etsuji Suzuki was studied by them to 12251 persons throughout six years, looking for interrelations between his cardiovascular health, his life expectancy and his consumption of green tea.

The mortality was promoting 62 ‰ in these years for the individuals who were not consuming green tea, but it was coming down to 14.4 ‰ if the individuals were consuming seven cups or more of you green per day. For his part, the cardiovascular health, the risk of enduring cardiovascular problems decreased 76 % in consumers of the infusion.

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