Monday, November 30, 2009

Uses of the bilberry


The bilberry is a fruit, very rich that it has become fashionable. Everything takes bilberries, presently. It is a very common ingredient in pastries, cakes and jams. His active components are the antirust ones called antocianinas.

The bilberry is much used in the ocular illnesses and to strengthen the blood glasses. During the Second World war, the pilots of British Royal Air Force thought that to eat bilberry jam immediately before a mission, was improving his night vision. It led the investigators to studying the fruit and analyzing his properties.

The bilberry also uses for the glaucoma, the degeneration to blacken, the diabetic retinopatía and the cataracts. The content of antocianinas of this fruit, it can reinforce the walls of the blood glasses, reduce the inflammation and stabilize the textiles that contain collagen (like the cartilage, the sinews and the ligaments).

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