Friday, November 27, 2009

Skill of Emotional Liberation

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When our mental health does not work completely well, the first thing that we must wonder is if we are allowing our energy to flow appropriately along our organism. If that does not happen, we will feel negative, exhausted, bad-tempered and with few initiative to begin our days.

From the alternative medicine (especially in his oriental counterfoil) a multitude of solutions is offered on this matter. Based on the fundamental beginning of the Chinese medicine, the Skill of Liberaciń Emocional is a tool that it is worth while bearing in mind in these situations, this way to favor our energy flow and consequently to encourage the emotional well-being.

This technical capture as base the beginning developed by the acupuncture and the acupresión, since it works with the meridians of our organism to favor the energy flow along our body. Nevertheless, the difference is that instead of working with pressure, the Skill of Emotional Liberation works with hammerings and percussion on them.

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