Thursday, November 19, 2009

Therapy your Jok: Simplified acupuncture


One of the biggest fears before the acupuncture treatment is the application of the famous needles of those that the therapy costs itself to generate benefits in the patients. Nevertheless, this is more myth than reality, since the needles are the thinnest and penetrate the skin only superficially, doing that the patient does not experience almost any sensation.

Nevertheless, if you still believe that the acupuncture in itself is not yours, but you preserve the confidence in his system of sanación across the stimulation of the points of the organism, the Korean therapy your Jok can be a very interesting alternative to consider.

This alternative therapy is of recent origin, and there was developed by the teacher south - Korean Park Jae Woo, who is recognized for having been the founder of the meditation of the smile, between other alternative therapies your Jok, also of his responsibility, it does without needles, but it preserves the meridians system.

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