Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Properties of the Grass of San Benito


Do you have problems in your intestines? If these come down to a good Liberating Diarrhea, undoubtedly you need an astringent. For the health of your body and that of your toilet, we recommend to you today a grass that will give you a good hand to fight the diarrhea: the grass of San Benito.

The grass can be recognized as his small and yellow flowering and as his green and toothed sheets. It can grow between 25 and 135 centimeters, and blooms between spring ends and the autumn beginning. It is in this epoch when you must gather the flowers to make use of his benefits.

His most typical property is his astringent action, for which all kinds of diarrheas can fight due to the mucilaginous substances contained in his rhizome. Also, it allows to treat haemorrhoids, chilblains and varicose ulcers. His digestive properties are outstanding also.

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