Monday, November 23, 2009

Green tea and the prevention of the cancer of mouth

Mouth cancer is the term across which the cancer development is designated in any of the sectors of the mouth. The mouth cancer usually appears in the lips and in the language, but also his appearance can happen in the internal part of the cheeks, the palate or the gums.

Before the appearance of the first symptoms the consultation to the oncologist is essential, but the alternative medicine is investigating on this matter to contribute possible solutions to the treatment of cancer of mouth. With this end Dr. Vassiliki Papadimitrakopoulo it realized an essay with 41 patients to know the effects of the green tea on the cancer of mouth.

The investigators verified that of the individuals who consumed green tea for mouth route, 59 % showed a clinical answer to the treatment, compared to 18 % of the others, which consumed a placebo.

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