Saturday, November 28, 2009

Benefits of the Talasoterapia: Water, mud and seaweed

benefits of the talasoterapia

One of the therapies that are fashionable is the talasoterapia. This alternative therapy is used so much like treatment of beauty and therapy to improve the health, like a treatment to relax and to enjoy a better mental health. The properties of the talasoterapia are multiple, and today we propose a collision nearer to her.

The benefits of the talasoterapia have been emphasized in several occasions in our blog, and between them we find his potential to improve the respiratory system and the locomotive device, his potential like treatment of beauty, his aptitude to improve the blood circulation between others. Let's happen then to speak about the benefits of the talasoterapia, but not lonely, but of his form of application.

First of all, a lot of properties of the talasoterapia owe to the sea water in herself. On having used sea water, this alternative therapy makes use of the benefits of the marine salt, his high place contained in minerals and the temperature of the same one. This water is warmed between 31st and 35th, temperature that promotes gesticulating of these elements and makes possible that they enter to our body on having opened the pores of the skin.

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