Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Five vayus that we breathe


The respiration is vital for the human being. While an individual consumes every day two kilos of meal and two liters of drink, it consumes simultaneously 5750 liters of air during the whole day. In fact, it is possible to live some days without eating do not even do not even to drink, but without breathing only it is possible to live through some minutes.

For the Hindu philosophy, the respiration is a channel across which we acquire positive energy. The prana, the primary or vital energy, is the sum of all the existing energies in the universe, and the air is the channel of transport of the same one.

We can only acquire the prana across the respiration, and according to the hinduísmo this one is transmitted of diverse forms. To understand how the prana acts on our organism, the yoguís categorized the activity of the prana in five vayus. The vayus are located in different parts of our body and do that the prana acts of different forms on our organism.

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