Monday, November 30, 2009

Acupresión essentials


We speak very much of acupresión, and know that it is the skill across which we can experience well-being so much physically and emotionally by means of the stimulation of certain points of our body. The points are distributed along the human body, and are basically the same ones that those that the acupuncture uses to work.

All that of course realize it moderately well. But what is there of the rest? What is the acupresión? We offer a very brief but very clear post regarding the acupresión essentials so that you realize well of what this therapy talks each other and how it works.

To practise this skill we need only our fingers of the hands, since the acupresión does not work with needles. This the difference of the acupuncture, and it is an advantage for those who are afraid of the pricks and the pain of the needles (that in fact these are so thin that they do not even produce inconveniences).

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