Friday, November 6, 2009

Properties of the Mercurial one


Of course never habrás been imagined that you might find something beneficial for your health in the garbage. Very well, the Mercurial one is a grass that comes to change this prejudice, since it is a question of a grass with medicinal applications that grows exactly between the garbage of the man.

This is a plant that blooms during the whole year, and that thanks to his chemical composition her several medicinal benefits can extract to themselves. The plant contains compounds that grant him one to drive purgative, but his consumption must be realized under medical supervision.

It is the hermidina, the tannins, the salt of potassium and the alkaloids of the plant those that grant him one to drive purgative to the same one, and the consumption of the dry plant can act helping to eliminate of efficient form poisonous substances of the organism. Nevertheless, his consumption can transport some side effects.

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