Monday, November 2, 2009

Method Breema


We know several alternative therapies that are based on the corporal contact. Many methods integrate the massages to your practices merging them with your exclusive beginning, and the method Breema is one of them. We propose to know a little more thoroughly this new practice, which little by little wins in popularity and is set in health centers of the whole world.

The method Breema is a practice that merges stretchings, positions, supports, slides and rhythmic movements directed to eliminate the muscular tension, the stress and the pain that we experience. It works divided by sections, and there exists a base that rules your starting.

Nine are the governing beginning of the method Breema, from which the therapists lead to the practice and direct the method. Comfortable body, without judging, mutual support, steadfastness and gentleness, without forcing, moment only one / activity the only, without hurry / without break and extra is nine regulatory beginning of the Breema.

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