Monday, November 30, 2009

It loses weight eating cheese


Jojojo, I am of graceful today, but only with the title, since what comes next goes very seriously. The benefits of the cheese are known, and equivalent to those of any other dairy product. Nevertheless, the cheese consumption on a global scale comes in ascent, and in it not only the exquisite flavor of his varieties intervenes, but also the fact that his benefits do the difference.

The cheese is a food of big nutritional value, and between his properties we emphasize the fact that improves the bony and dental health, he prepares the hypertension and heart attacks, it strengthens the liver, it stimulates the formation of the blood and the nutrients absorption, etc. Also, it is rich in zinc, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins of the group B.

In this case we emphasize the potential of the cheese to grow thin, since a group of investigators of the University of Technology Curtin in Australia has investigated the components of the cheese, coming to the conclusion that this food can help to slim.

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