Saturday, November 21, 2009

Acupresión for the treatment of the diabetes


Recientemene we were referring to the therapy your Jok like alternative to the acupuncture, being a therapy that shares many essentials with the acupresión. To continue in the line, we emphasize today a study realized as regards the acupresión, therapy that can turn out to be useful in cases of diabetes.

Since we know - and as revision - the acupresión is a therapy that works with the points of the acupuncture, only that doing without the use of needles, substituting the same ones for the pressure application on them.

In the investigation, with diabetes type 2 was assigned to 64 persons a program of diet and exercises designed to control the hypertension and the hyperglycemia. Nevertheless, to a portion of the whole four became participants of meetings of 90 minutes of acupresión to six times per week.

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