Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Properties of the golden Pole


Still do not wake up your greed instincts, since we will not speak about golden objects. Golden pole is the only one of the names that they give him to the solidago, grass of the Jews, tea of gredos or pole of san josé, a plant of rigid stem surrounded with yellow flowers in dense bunches, responsible for that the name of golden pole has been granted him.

This plant grows originally in Europe, although it has been adapted to the American continent. Her part that is used by medicinal intentions are his flowery tops, and next we tell you some details on the properties of the golden pole.

It is a question of a very efficient natural diuretic, which with his continued use favors not only the elimination of liquids, but the correct functioning of the kidneys. For persons with liquids retention, nephritis, nefrosis or kidney stones, is ideal.

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