Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Properties of the yellow tea

The benefits of the tea are multiple, and these change according to the type of tea about which we are speaking. Although in general they share his digestive properties and his antirust components, the different types of tea have different properties. In this case we concentrate on the properties of the yellow tea.

The yellow tea is a product that is obtained from the tea tree, and it has his origin in China. His prosecution is between way of the white tea and the green tea, since it is obtained by a brief process of fermentation braked with dry heat. This determines the color and the texture of the yellow tea.

The properties of the yellow tea are multiple, and as in other teas we find his digestive properties, his properties diuréticas and his antirust components, which have a protective action of the cells that his degeneration and his attack prevents for illnesses like the cancer.

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