Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fish oil against the arthritis: How does it work?


The benefits of the omega 3, present greasy acids in the fish oil, are well-known. We know many of them, and in the list there is included the health of the bones, brain, heart and the protection from the cancer, the backache and the problems in the vision. But what is what exists behind these greasy acids?

The omega 3 has been very studied, but there are still not known completely the mechanisms that act materializing his benefits. Specifically investigating the case of the arthritis, a team of investigators of the University Queen Mary of London has managed to determine the causes of it.

Seemingly what makes 3 the omega when it deposits our organism is to turn in resolvin D2. The omega 3 is got by our organism, and one of his components is turned in resolvin D2, chemist who acts making to lower the levels of inflammation of our organism.

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