Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More exercises of facial yoga


In OtraMedicina we have learned a few exercises of facial yoga and today we will learn some more. Because the truth, it is worth while. The facial yoga comes super good to all. It helps us to relax and strengthen the face, smooth the facial features and avoid the premature aging.

The modern life is very rough and that is evident in the face. Very easy glance is someone to the face and to foresee as it has been his day: much, little or not stressful at all. Well, the facial yoga is one of the non-invasive hardware that we can have to the hand to fight with the stress of the best way.

We learned already like beginning a routine (the exercise of warming) and several exercises to relax the eyes, the forehead, the jaw and the neck. Today we will go for more, thanks to the councils of esmas.

(I resided …)

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