Friday, November 27, 2009

Beauty tricks with honey


The home-made beauty tricks are a frequent consultation in our blog, and to answer it partly we resort to a natural reagent that offers equally health and beauty: the honey. Exquisite delicacy, the honey contains also a heap of secrets of natural beauty, and today we will try to share some of them.

This sweet opens the doors to any woman who thinks about how to feel beautiful, and to invite them to enter to his world, we offer today three councils of beauty from the honey, simple but effective, and if it was not small: bargain sales.

The first one consists of a natural bath with honey, which will reverberate on the health of the skin of the whole body. To obtain this soft skin it is enough to add one or two honey spoonfuls to your tub, and to use a vegetable sponge for exfoliarte. Then he adds four whole milk spoonfuls to feel as Cleopatra.

(I resided …)

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