Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The properties of the chrysanthemum


Not long ago we have spoken about the Chrysanthemum, but we must speak a little more. For example, we must speak about his properties. The chrysanthemum is a very popular plant and enough cultivated in the gardens … quite thanks to his beautiful flower. That is the “national flower” of the Japan and appears in his official shield.

His scientific name is Chrysanthemum americanum L. and it has tonic and exciting properties. One usually uses against the colics in general, the absence of appetite and the digestive disorders.

The active beginning of the Chrysanthemum exercises an effect colerético progressively and constantly that allows the physiological flow of the biliary salt, as well as an effect hepatoprotector that is evident across the progress of the functioning of the enzymes hepatic responsible for the detoxicación for the substances harmful to the organism.

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