Sunday, November 8, 2009

It improves your sexual relation with the Tantra


The whole world has sexual bassoons, and simultaneously of course everybody has wondered how to solve them. The sexual problems have an end, and these neither become exhausted in themselves nor are a blind alley. If you feel that you cannot fight them, perhaps it is time to open the door for the oriental knowledge, this time in the shape of Tantra, a knowledge that can help you to improve the sexual relation with your couple.

The Tantra is closely tied to the meditation and to the yoga, and in the world of the Tantra these practices are indisociables. While the yoga helps you to prepare the body to improve the sexual relation with the couple, the meditation helps to harmonize your mind with him, concentrating and allowing you to go for implicit love and the passion in the sex.

In contrast to what he believes popularly, the Tantra is not a philosophy exclusively overturned to the sexual thing. It is, on the contrary, an attitude for with the life in general, which understands that the deficit of passion and of sexual attraction, simultaneously that associate sexual problems (powerlessness, vaginitis, pain, etc.) depend on our attitude for with the life.

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