Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Properties of the eucalyptus


The eucalyptus is a tree with a lot of properties for the health. Although a big diversity exists on a global scale, it is the Eucalyptus globulus the one that has acquired major acceptance of between 600 species that exist, being a native both of Tasmania and of Australia. Due to the properties of the eucalyptus they have gone so far as to prepare different types of products derived from the plant, which understand to a series of oils as well as creams and inclusive honey.

But the principal property of the eucalyptus is in his antiseptic function, since this one helps very much those persons who have respiratory problems as well as urinal infections.

It is so the persons who have problems of chronic flu or sinusitis, in general make use of these properties of the eucalyptus to help in the elimination of the mucus produced by the bronchi. To be able to achieve this, they usually make baths certain “Maria” in that the person who suffers from some respiratory problem, has to inhale the steam generated and fed on the eucalyptus.

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